About me

IMG_0470Hello, I’m Dr Rachel Kevern. I have two, quite distinct and separate, careers. In one I am an academic theologian/biblical scholar with a BA(hons) (2000) and a PhD in Theology (2007)* from the University of Birmingham, UK. After completing my PhD I returned to the same University where I worked until 2019 as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing (ITSEE). There I worked on ancient Greek manuscripts of the Christian Bible, including three major projects: The Sinaiticus Project, The International Greek New Testament Project and The Zacynthius Project. 

While I was working at the University of Birmingham, I also trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, qualifying in 2014. Since then I have built a busy and successful practice teaching one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons in Worcester and Malvern, UK. I have another website that provides more specific information about me and what I offer, including what to expect from Alexander Technique lessons from me.

Often, these two halves of my professional life feel a long way apart, the first very cerebral and the second very physical and embodied. This website has been created initially as a blog, an attempt to find out if I can somehow bring these two halves together. I don’t know at this stage how it might develop as I’ll be wandering between different, unconnected subjects.. Some entries may be more theological, or have a focus on biblical exegesis. Some may be reflections on certain aspects of the Alexander Technique. Somewhere between the two, I anticipate that I’ll write about other things that interest me. Maybe, somehow, it’ll pull together into some kind of coherent whole. And if it doesn’t … well, at the very least I hope I will enjoy the posts I’ll write while on my meandering journey.


*PhD Thesis: From Enoch to Origen: the Jewish mystical origins of the eastern Christian doctrine of the mystical vision of God.



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